Building automation and telecommunications

Thanks to its extensive range, Phoenix Contact has the right products for any systems used for monitoring, control or communication purposes.

Whether the context is DSL modems, sliding doors, fuse boxes or monitoring systems: We have the right solution for your application.

Connection method for building communication systems and telecommunications - COMBICON compact

The COMBICON compact product range comprises solutions with spring-cage and screw connection methods for virtually all applications in building automation and telecommunications.

The products are particularly space saving thanks to their compact external dimensions. In addition, our terminal blocks feature impressive functional design and intelligent material selection.

This product range includes terminal blocks with 2.5 mm to 7.5 mm pitch and, depending on the version, offers space for conductor cross-sections up to 4 mm².

Connection method for building communication systems and telecommunications - COMBICON compact

Data connectors - PLUSCON data

Connectors, flush-type connectors, and cables for fieldbuses and networks: D-SUB, RJ45, M12, SCRJ, FireWire, and USB.
Data connectors - PLUSCON data

Electronic housing - COMBICON housing

Phoenix Contact component housings make the assembled PCB a shock- and dust-proof electronic module.
They are mounted on the 35 mm DIN rails used as standard in control cabinet engineering according to EN. Apart from a few exceptions, the connection terminal blocks can be fitted and machine-soldered during PCB assembly.

The panel mounting bases from Phoenix Contact consist of modular components which form a DIN-rail-mountable chassis for accommodating assembled PCBs.

The surface of the PCB is freely accessible, which makes the panel mounting bases particularly suitable for bulky elements, manually operated components, screw connectors, and regular connectors.

Electronic housing - COMBICON housing

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